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Interior Designer


Cayli Mandel-McCann is an Interior Designer based in Toronto, Canada. Having spent nearly a decade living in Europe, inspiration was not difficult to find. Studying at the University of the Arts. London, Cayli has acquired a broad range of skills across the field of design; experience with fashion and textiles has brought a unique understanding to furniture and drapery. Upon returning to Toronto, Cayli studied at the Interior Design Institute, and has since assumed a Consulting role with her Family's residential design business. 


With a background in both traditional and digital arts, we offer many rendering styles for you to choose from. Our focus is to develop a concept that best suits our clients individually, so they are getting a truly custom design. Every individual requires a different function for their space; whether it be a family dwelling where memories are to be made, or a first home for a young entrepreneur, we design with you and your needs in mind to create a space that equally combines form and function. 

Cayli Mandel-McCann Interiors offers a range of services from Interior design, to Home Staging and Styling. For those looking for staging or styling in order to sell their homes, we focus on more neutral concepts that will best showcase the space. It is one thing to design a house, and another to make it feel like a home. The goal at Cayli Mandel-McCann Interiors is to make every client love their home.  


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